VC UV Stick

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VC UV Stick 

No need to use it, you can use it with both hands and directly apply it to the rod-shaped anti-bleaching frost.
The device has a smooth surface, and no viscosity exists.
The size and convenience of the handbook, because of this, it is convenient to move quickly and quickly, and it is also convenient to move when walking.
Waterproof, strong and UV resistant.

・Contains microorganisms *1
7 types of water fruit extracts 
・Transparent and smooth type
・Also suitable for use on the calf and body
Convenient size for carrying
・Free of alcohol
・Free of petroleum Surface-active, non-septic,orange

How to Use

(1) Pull out the stick about 5mm from the container、 fit it directly onto the skin、 and apply it evenly.
(2) Use your fingertips to gently blend in areas that are difficult to apply、 such as the mouth and around the nose.
(3) Please reapply frequently to maintain the effect. In particular、 if you often wipe off sweat (at the beach、 in the mountains、 during sports、 etc.)、 or after sweating or wiping with a towel、 please reapply frequently.
(4) After use、 lower the stick to the mouth of the container and close the cap.
(5) When removing、 wash it off carefully with a cleaning agent such as soap.
*Please note that if the stick is pulled out too much、 it may break or may not return.

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