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Hydron monthly disposable colour contact lens

1 lens/box - Order two boxes to make a pair (most people have different prescriptions for each eye).

1.Comfort: With advanced Bio-Molecule Wrap 3D Technology and FDA approved color additives, Star Shine ensures you clear and safe vision.

  • No color additives peeling off: with our unique formula and manufacturing methods, the color additives are wrapped by HEMA. This technique ensures the color additives will not leach out and provide wearing comfort.

  • Sophisticated pad orienting machine: Our sophisticated pad printing machine prints patterns in the female mold, so that the color will not contact the eyes directly, ensuring a high level of sharpness and visual accuracy.

  • Smooth surface: we produce our color lens through a filling and thermal process. Compared to the traditional Sandwich method, our lens have a flat surface and will not crack easily.

2.Fashion: A lens design team launches new products meeting the current trend every quarter.

  • The peacock and city series with a more patterned variations are launched on 2014 and 2015.
  • There are three color additives are used for the pattern design of the city series which provide customers more permutation and combination to have choices.

Diameter : 14.1~14.2mm

Water content : 38%
Base arc : 8.6~8.7mm
Luminosity : 0.00, -1.00~-10.00 (-1.00~-6.00 every 0.25 level, -6.00 and above every 0.5 level)
Colour : Berlin Tea Grey, Greek Orange, Icelandic Neon, Lisbon Green, London Apricot, New York Grey, Prague Night, Roman Green



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