Senka Perfect Whip Acne Care Face Wash Cleansing Foam

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Shiseido Senka Perfect Whip Acne Medicated Face Wash Cleansing Foam

Cleanser has super rich foam, bring you a perfect cleansing experience without dehydrating your skin.
This Japanese cleaning foam washes away excess sebum and dirt with gentleness, bring you smooth and bright skin.
Includes active ingredients, protects skin from acnes and inflammation effectively.
Senka Perfect Whip Acne Medicated Face Wash with hydrating components, helps improve skin's moisture and barrier, prevents the effect from environment.

How to use:

Use in the morning and evening:
Lather the mousse in the palms of your hands.
For dry skin, massage in with light circular movements.
Rinse with clean water.


Brand: Senka
Made in Japan
Content: 120g
Product Type: Facial Cleanser
Skin types: All skin types
Skin concerns: Dullness, Uneven Skin Texture, Acnes

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