Types of Acne Patches: When to Use Which One?

Gone are the days when acne treatment involved white, pasty liquid spots. Today, the skincare industry has introduced an intriguing antidote to treat all those impromptu date nights or meeting acne and pimples. To be more precise, acne patches!

 Although there are plenty of acne patches available today in the market, you must pick the best one for you. If you are still unaware of acne patches, here's a guide that states the basics. By the end of this guide, we hope you will have a clear understanding of the types and uses of acne patches so that you can grab the one that best suits you!


What Exactly Are Acne Patches?

Acne patches/pimple patches are a sticky, gel sort of a material that is gaining quite hype now. It is used to treat wounds or acne most easily and painlessly. Typically made of hydrocolloid, this material works in an amazing manner. It absorbs the fluid/pus out of your acne thereby keeping the skin and area around it moist and fresh. After all, that is the key to speed up the healing process. And these patches do it all!



When To Use Acne Patches?

Although there are no specific times to use pimple/acne patches, there are times when the patches work the best. On that note, here's when you can use an acne patch!

  • When you just snapped your acne and want to fix it without spreading any infection
  • When you realize you need to stop picking your acne
  • In case your acne is situated in a place where you face physical irritation
  • When the inflammatory pimple is about to come out, having ahead and all you want is to bring the pus out to the surface.
  • When you are trying to drain an open acne/pimple completely.


While all these acne stickers/patches can't be any easier to use, you might need assistance in picking the perfect ones that treat your acne concerns. On that note, it becomes vital to first understand the types of acne patches.


Just like acne/pimples have several natures, acne patches are found in several types as well. Wish to know about them? Continue reading!



Types of Acne Patches

Ideally, there are 3 main types of pimple patches.


  • Hydrocolloid: If you are searching for an effective and gentle solution to heal your acne, hydrocolloid patches have got you covered. Basically, Hydrocolloid is a non-medicated solution that has been utilized for years now in the form of bandages to treat wounds. These consist of gel-forming agents that work to build a moist surrounding around the affected area. It draws out the excess pus and fluids present in it.








When it comes to hydrocolloid acne patches, it works similarly. As it promotes healing, you don't need to worry about acne scars once they heal. Additionally, these patches make the breakout area free from bacteria/infection and sterile. The best part? You can wear it easily both in the daytime and at night!


  • Medicated: In case your skin is vulnerable to nodular acne, papules, or cystic acne, medicated patches are ideal for you. These medicated patches contain several active ingredients like tea tree oil and salicylic acid. These elements help to fight and kill acne-causing germs and bacteria. Eventually, it treats your inflamed acne as well. One of the most effective medicated patches is those that contain hydrocolloid bases.





  • Micro needle: Micro needle patches are your best friend when you want to target any hormonal acne or deep cystic acne. Usually the word, "needle" might frighten you as it sounds intense, but it isn't. This treatment/patch is quite painless and effective. Micro needle patches are usually a bit bigger and are worn at night time. Generally, these amazing patches make use of a dissolving micro needling technology so that they can enter the skin gently. Consequently, it provides certain acne-fighting active ingredients into the skin directly. Speaking about cystic acne, micro needle patches can be the most reliable and effective one. It penetrates deep inside and helps the acne to heal real quick.




General Tricks to Use Acne Patches

  • Ensure cleaning your face before applying the patch
  • Go for the size that best suits the entire lesion
  • Stick then gently onto your dry skin(especially for hydrocolloid patches)
  • Let them stay for 24 hours. You can even leave them until they turn into an opaque color. Once they turn opaque, you know that they have done their job!


Do Acne Patches Work?

Well, acne stickers consist of hydrocolloid and salicylic acid that pulls out the impurities present in the breakout. For small breakouts and gentle aches, hydrocolloid patches work phenomenally.  However, it is different in the case of cystic acne. As cystic acne blocks the skin, micro dart or micro needle patches work wonders as it is a bit different. In fact, if seen the other way round, these patches act as a shield to the acne thereby allowing it to heal faster.


Bottom line

On that note, acne patches undo all the inappropriate damages inflicted by you throughout your skin picking session to a huge extent. If you are searching for the ideal acne patches to calm your inflammation, heal your zits, and speed up the healing process, connect with cosmetic store now! With a range of acne patches, we treat your acne instantly regardless of its nature. Swipe through our site and get you the best acne patch!