The most searched beauty questions, answered!

With the world changing numerous trends since the previous year owing to the pandemic, new beauty trends have also cropped up. This is evident from the beauty questions which people in general bombarded Google with. These questions revolved around at home skincare and beauty grooming because the people across the world were mostly locked away in their homes, attending virtual events and places including beauty salons.

Google had released a long list of most-searched beauty questions and here are our top picks from them with relevant answers. Which one did you search for? Go ahead and get your answer.

  1. How to plop hair?


First and foremost, what does plop mean? Plop means wrapping your hair in a microfiber towel or t-shirt to absorb excessive water and reduce frizz. This results in well defined and highly nourished hair.



With a lot of extra time on our hand, more girls have taken to at-home hair care routine, especially women with curls. This is because curls appear to be decent when your hair is still wet but the reality strikes different with dry hair. Hence, plopping your hair in between after having applied hair conditioning and styling products, works well for a lot of them. Haven’t tried yet? Make sure it is on your to-do list next!


  1. What is AHA in skincare?


AHAs or Alpha Hydroxyl Acids are water soluble acids made from sugary fruits, AHAs are basically used for mild hyper pigmentation, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores and fine lines and wrinkles. Since physical exfoliation can turn out to be pretty harsh, more women have now turned to AHAs. This results in evenly pigmented and smoother skin.




AHAs should generally be used to find relief from dry and aging skin. You can find plenty of appropriate options to select from in our skincare section.


  1. How to colour your own hair at home?


With salons being closed for the longest time ever, it was time for girls to lift their brushes and paint their crown. Some of us did it for fun and to try out something new since there was nearly no one to watch over us while the others were influenced by their favourite celebs and followed their footsteps.



bubble hair dye

All in all, no matter what was the reason the procedure of colouring your hair by your own self was a hot pick for girls all over the globe. Dyeing your hair at home includes the following steps-



  • Wash your hair at least 24 hours before application and pick a colour you really like
  • Cover yourself and your surroundings properly to avoid stains.
  • Put on gloves and mix the dye with a developer in a bowl.
  • Divide your hair in sections and carefully apply the colour.
  • After having kept the dye on for the required time, rinse it off and you are good to go!


  1. What does toner do for you face?


This was a surprising find since toners have been a part of the skincare regime for long now. But then with so much of time on hand this was bound to happen!

Basically, toners are used in the second step of skincare i.e., after cleansing your face thoroughly with a good face wash. Toners have multiple benefits like they aid anti-aging, tighten our skin and balance our skin’s pH level. Moreover, they smoothen out our skin and improve our skin tone too.



Now that you know how important a toner is for your skin, it is time you check out our collection of toners.


  1. How to cut your own bangs at home?


We agree that there are many girls out there who have been cutting their own hair since ages. But with the onset of pandemic giving you a haircut became a trend and there were so many such videos and related content doing rounds on social media. From frills to layers and bob cut there is nothing amiss and you can find all the videos with a click on YouTube.


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