Skin Care Routine Steps: The Ultimate Guide

Having a skincare routine is a great way to have happy, smiling and young skin for years to come. But while majority of us have a skincare routine, what we miss out on are the number and order of steps which are a part of it. And this where all of our skincare scenario is ruined and in spite of us having invested in the skincare products heftily what we are left with are petty to no changes in our skin and zero motivation to continue it further. To get rid of this and to embark on a satisfying skincare journey we recommend you to follow these steps and in the stated order as well:


Step 1: Cleanse

    The first and the most crucial step of any skincare routine is indeed cleansing. Be it day or night, cleaning your face with water and an apt cleanser makes your skincare journey easier and sets you up for the best results. This is because all the bacteria, impurities and the oil gathered throughout the day or night gets cleared off and washed away. This leaves your skin to be more penetrable and hence makes your skincare products all the more effective.

    There is a tip while you cleanse your face. You must massage your cleanser in upward motion as you lather away for the best results. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your favourite cleanser from our collection and get going.



    Step 2: Exfoliate


    After having cleaned up your skin, the next step is to exfoliate. By exfoliating all you need to do is remove the dead skin cells from your face which are usually difficult to remove during cleansing. This makes your face and skin to appear brighter, more glowing and fresher. Exfoliating also helps reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles. We have the widest variety of exfoliators to choose from. Go, check out for yourself!





    Step 3: Hydrate


    After having exfoliated your skin, its time you hydrate your skin well. Toners work best for this. This is because they prep your skin to absorb the serums and moisturizers which will follow through after this step. They also have a very calming effect on your skin and thus prep it up for makeup as well. What’s more is that they help your skin appear supple and healthy!





    Step 4: Treat


    Here is when the serum comes in! Depending on what you wish to achieve with your skincare routine you can choose your serum. Vitamin C serums work the best for brightening your skin while there are other serums which help in skin repair and other skin concerns too. There is something suitable for all your skin challenges. You simply need to explore and pick up the on which appears the most suitable to you.

    You can also use under-eye cream to overcome dark circle, fine lines and wrinkles which appear under your eyes. Similarly, sheet masks are also a great option to overcome anti-ageing and make your skin look more radiant.





    Step 5: Moisturize


    The last step of the skincare routine has to be an important one and that is to moisturize time and again. This where you seal all your skincare products in place to make sure you get the desired results. Moisturizers come in many types and we have something for all skin types. So don’t forget to go through our moisturizer section as well.





    On top of the above-mentioned steps, application of sunscreen before stepping out, good sleep and a healthy diet are some of the key points to having great skin. This is because “If your insides are happy, your outsides will definitely spear happier.”

    At ‘The Cosmetic Store’ we have a range of skincare, makeup and other lifestyle products for you to explore. These are great gifting options as well and there something for each one of you. If personal care or skincare is something which pleases you then you are bound to love our products. You can view them all here. Good luck with your skincare regimen. Here’s wishing you happy and healthy skin. Till then, keep smiling!