How to reduce dark spots?
How to reduce dark spots?

January 05 , 2022


Skin pigmentation and dark spots have been age old skin problems and as skincare experts we receive several related queries every day. Hence, we decided to culminate all that we know and have learnt over the years in what follows. So, all your skin pigmentation and related issues including dark spots, sun spots and hyperpigmentation have their major causes and solutions below. Read along!

Dark spots and hyperpigmentation can occur to anyone of us regardless of our skin type. Skin discoloration and dark spots are caused by melanin, which is a pigment produced in our skin cells. Melanin protects our skin from the harmful microorganisms present in the air surrounding us and from the damaging effects of the dust on our skin. But anything in excess is not good and so is melanin. Whenever melanin is present in excess it leads to hyperpigmentation and dark spots and that portion of our skin appears to be darker than the rest. And if hyperpigmentation is a challenge for you following are the major reasons of its causal:

1. Exposing your skin to the sun very frequently:

A major reason for uneven skin tone/ hyperpigmentation/ dark spots is the amount of skin exposure your skin is going through. Whenever your skin comes in contact with the sun, melanin is secreted to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. Now if your skin is unprotected then melanin is secreted in a lot more quantity. This can cause any or all of the skin coloration/ discoloration effects.

Now let us understand what you can do about it?

Wearing sunscreen before heading out in the sun is a sure shot way to beat hyperpigmentation. This is because a good sunscreen not only protects your face from the UV rays but it also limits the appearance of sunspots. You can head to our sun care section to explore a range of sunscreen and other alternatives we have to provide you with the best solution to your pigmentation worries.




2. Hormonal Imbalance:

The next major reason for frequently occurring acne eventually leaving behind dark spots or uneven skin tone is that your hormones are imbalanced. Now in order to balance your hormones, lifestyle changes and transforming your dietary habits is a must. You are advised to consult a healthcare professional under these circumstances.

As an additional solution, you can head to our skincare section. Here we have a range of Vitamin B and Vitamin C serums for your needs. You can apply any of these as per your preferences and requirements and rest assured your skin will appear healthier and better over a period of time.




S3. Skin Inflammation:

Skin Inflammation occurs when your skin is trying to heal itself. It is natural and hence it is bound to happen. It is not in our reach to prevent all our wounds but by assuring that we let our acne be instead of touching them, trying not to harshly scratch itching skin and alike we can prevent intense and dark marks on our skin. As a suggestion, you should also prevent undergoing intense skin treatments and using a lot of skincare products full of chemicals. Keep it simple, keep it real!

You can also use soothing and simple products to fight your acne scars as listed in our skincare section. What’s more is that we have a diverse range you can select from and all of these are effective.

Dark spots and hyperpigmentation are your body’s natural response and hence they tend to happen. But ensuring that we take proper care and follow a dedicated skincare routine can stop them from occurring over and over again. Embrace yourself and love your skin for what it is! Being positive and staying happy is actually a way to reflect your inner beauty.







At The Cosmetic Store, we believe that everyone is beautiful and hence we have products for everyone of you and all of us. From skincare to makeup and cosmetics to house and lifestyle and products to enhance your inner beauty we have something for each one of you. You can head out to our website or contact us right away! Till then, stay happy, stay healthy!