Invest in your skin as it personifies you for a very long time!


The harsh winter weather can take a toll on your skin and leave it dead and dry. With dropping temperature, your skin drops its existing moisture levels as well. Believe it or not, your skin needs extra care in winter to shine and stay healthy. Less sunlight in winters holds a great power to strip off all the nutrients in your skin including essential vitamins causing it to look uneven, dull, and dry. Losing all its softness, there is no doubt about the fact that our skin experiences a flaky sort of itch, dryness, and roughness. With time, these conditions lead to cracks and bleed as well. In extreme conditions, you can even develop a typical skin problem known as the winter rash.


Although it is necessary to take care of your skin regardless of any season, there are several reasons why winter skincare becomes highly important.


With winter around the corner, here is what you need to know right away! This guide states 6 tips that you need to adopt this winter to shine bright when the sun is absent!

1)    Moisturize your skin

In winters, you can switch to your favorite oil-based moisturizer. This will not only prevent cracks and bleeds but will provide a luster, shine, and health effect on your skin. Whenever you wash your hands, make sure you moisturize them. While lotions are better for a humid climate, creams are best in winters. An excellent tip is to moisturize the dry parts of your skin and leave it overnight. For example, pay more attention to your knees, elbows, fingers, and lips that are prone to cracks in winter. Deep moisturize them overnight and watch how satisfying results you achieve in the morning. You can even cover the moisturized areas with cotton gloves or balls so that it retains the moisturize throughout the night.



Another excellent tip is, you can consider applying oil after you take a shower. Olive, almond, castor, sesame, or mustard oil is exceptional natural moisturizers and a great technique to moisturize the skin according to ancient people. Although moisturizers can fail to work in extremely harsh cold weather, oil never will. Try it this winter and see the change!


Want extra care? Wear gloves while you wash dishes or clean around your house to avoid getting in touch with water.


2)    Avoid long hot showers

Maintain the moisture level in your skin. The skin produces certain natural oils that need to be preserved in winters. These natural oils help our skin to stay healthy and shiny despite harsh weather conditions. Although it might be extremely tempting and relaxing to take a long steamy shower in winters, avoid using excess hot water. Limit your shower time to an average of 5-10 minutes with lukewarm water. In case you notice your skin turning red, it's a sign that the water is too hot and that you need to avoid it at all costs. In addition, if you use a restroom air hand dryer, make sure you use it until your palms are damp instead of properly dry.


3)    Eat right and stay hydrated

Moisturize yourself inside out. How? In winters, when your skin is extremely dry, you can restore its moisture and balance with certain foods, supplements, and fatty acids. To name a few, supplements containing omega 6 fatty acids, flaxseed oil, fish oil, etc are excellent to bring the lost shine to your skin in winters. Consume food that is highly rich in oil such as sesame seeds, nuts, etc. Moreover, having lots and lots of water is highly recommended to stay hydrated. Increase the intake of water level.


4)    Use a sunscreen

This is a must-tip you need to know for keeping your skin healthy in winters. Regardless of the season, make sure you never forget about sunscreen. It is very wrong to consider that the sun does not affect or burn your skin during winters. It does. In fact, the UV rays hit your delicate skin from distinct angles. If you are wondering how, snow reflects 80% of sun rays which increases your risk of sun exposure. It does not matter if you are playing, walking, or doing household errands, applying sunscreen is highly recommended. Moreover, don't get swayed away by darker days in winter. The UV rays of the sun can permeate clouds thereby damaging your skin and its texture. Oh yes, Apply a little more sunscreen to the areas that are more exposed.




5)    Check on your cleansers

In winter, the skin becomes dry as it loses its natural oils. These are the times when you must go for gentle and fragrance-free cleansers instead of harsh ones. A wrong soap with a high alkaline level can cause even more damage to your skin. In fact, usually, regular soap bars contain certain irritating and harsh fragrances. Always go for cleansers that are "fragrance-free" and not "unscented". Most of the time, unscented cleansers contain scent as well. Hence, you can entirely cut down on using soap and start using gels or cleansers. Moreover, using soap in winter can elevate your skin problems if you have any. Why would you even want that?



6)    Wear comfortable clothing

Most of the cold weather fabrics elevate the intensity of dry skin. It is advised to keep rough clothing and wool away from your skin thereby ensuring it does not touch your skin directly. Eventually, your skin becomes even more itchy and irritated. Hence, go for light fabrics made of soft and breathable materials that don't stick to your skin. Additionally, wear mittens or gloves to protect your hands from cold air. However, choose gloves that don't irritate your skin. If you wear wool gloves, wear a cotton glove liner underneath.



There you go! Following these essential tips will not only keep your skin healthy but will protect your skin as well. For people who have skin conditions, it is better to avoid any irritants that elevate your condition.