6 Summer Skincare Tips to Live By

Winter is at its peak, and the summer season is already approaching. With your summer wardrobe, you will also need to prep your skin for the season. 
The scorching heat, humidity, and pollution wipe off the natural glow of your skin. In such circumstances, you will need to save your skin from dehydration and absorb all of the dusty particles.
To keep your skin radiating and rejuvenated even during the seasonal change, you need to take these preventive measures, and for that, we have got you covered with these top must-do steps while taking care of your skin!
Never forget to Exfoliate!
Your body sheds dead skin cells every minute. Hence, it's crucial to remove them regularly because your skin will start looking a bit dull and rusty if you don't. And nobody wants that, right!
So, get a scrub exfoliator and hit the shower, now! Use the exfoliator in a circular movement on your entire body for polished, smooth skin and rinse clean with the water.
And to get a year-round healthy and bright skin to maintain this procedure 2-3 times a week.


Hydrate your body

Sure, body butter has saved you from the harsh winters, but it will not be able to save your skin in summers. Opt for water-based or aloe gel-based lotions to keep your body hydrating from time to time. As you would not have much time or such weather, that would absorb your body butter quickly and on another side purees and Gels are pro when it comes to getting absorbed in your skin quickly.




Make the Sunscreen your best friend.

As you don't use sunscreens too often, most people tend to keep using last year's Sunscreen, or even worse, and they use the Sunscreen they bought even the year before that! First of all, throw them away. No Sunscreen is supposed to last that long, it will do nothing better than damage your skin.


If you don't have the heavy usage buy it in a smaller proportion. Moreover, before buying your Sunscreen give priority to the product that contains UVB and UVA products and comes in SPF 70 and SPF 30. And to keep your lips hydrated, go for the lip balms containing upto SPF 15 rather than just focusing on the glossy ones.




Have a Summer Glow with vitamin C

You can find multiple types of serums in the market which work in various aspects of your skin. Especially for this summer season, you must go for the Vitamin C serum. To combat the sun's harshness, Vitamin C has been formulated with active ingredients like zinc, vitamin E, and of course, vitamin C to keep your skin protected from the sun rays for a long period.




Go for the minimal

Adopt the principle of less is best for the makeup during the summers as nothing will work as charming as the natural looks under the intolerant sun. If you want to apply foundation, go for BB cream or apply SPF with the face powder to avoid patchy skin. And for the eyes, it is better to avoid doing any heavy eye makeup. The areas around the eyes are already delicate, and doing anything in harsh weather like summer will only make it more sensitive.




Step up with your cleansing routine

After being out 12-14 hours of the day, your pores have already been congested and irritated with all the dust particles and heat. A single cleanse would not cover you thoroughly. At the end of the day to get your skin calm and clean, apply the water-based formula after you first cleanse with balm or oil in the first round. This practice not only removes all of that build-up sitting on your pores, but it will also get your skin normal and rejuvenated again from being sensitive the entire day.




To wrap up, these were just the basics of the summer skin routine. But, hey, as it says, great formations are only built on a strong base.


The Cosmetic store has everything to cover your base to make your skin look as flawless as it should be in every season and give an edge to your skin regimen. This summer, pamper yourself with the best products from base to the top with us and make your skin smile every day!