5 Long Weekend Beauty Essentials

With summers nearing an end it is time for us to head out as much as we can and enjoy these last few bits because in no time it would be so, so difficult for us to step out. Hence, weekends will now be packed with plans over to explore and enjoy new places with friends and family. And as a girl, skincare and makeup is of utmost importance for obvious reasons- one being the drastic weather changes and second being your will to look stunning at all times!

So, to make the process of skincare and makeup as effortless as it can be for you, we have curated a list of all the necessary products you got to have in your kitty. Check them out and stock them up at your convenience. Alright, here you go!

1. Moisturizer:

Be it a special skincare treatment or everyday routine, moisturizers are the most basic and yet the most essential product of all times. Just like our body, our skin also needs to hydrate and a moisturizer does that. Not only this, it also prevents early ageing, fine lines and wrinkles. Whether you have got dry, oily or combination skin we have got you covered since we have alternatives for all skin types. Check out our moisturizer section for this!


Since, you will be heading out in transitioning weather applying a moisturizer and carrying it along is of great importance. It will ensure you have healthy, glowing and pumped-up appearance through and through. This being said we do have moisturizers available in travel size packs which makes it even easier. Doesn’t it?


The most indulgent and the most relaxing step in a skin-care routine is face masking and why not because it is the best way to deep cleanse and hydrate. As winters are approaching it is best to do masking once in two weeks as your schedule and skin type allows and demands respectively.


We have in our collection some of the best face masks which leave your skin more glowing, healthy, dewy and fresh. They are available for various skin types and in different fragrances too. Check out our Mask collection for the same. Sustainable and diverse they are sure to make you look good and feel even better


Since we continue to step in the sun, it is essential that our sin products be SPF inclusive.CLIO KILL COVER CONCEAL CUSHION helps you create a flawless, radiant base and makes your skin appear gorgeous. So, if you are someone who is not very high on makeup and likes to keep it lightweight and breezy then this is a catch for you. What’s more? It has high coverage and acts as a concealer. Moreover, it is long- lasting, semi-matte and dewy and is available in three different shades.


4. Waterproof Pen Liner:

Waterproof, no smudge and convenient, this pen liner helps you define and highlight your eyes like no other. It is available in striking shades and will be a superb addition to your makeup collection. It is waterproof yet easily removable with a makeup remover. Heading out this weekend? Then make eyes stare and heads turn with this one!


5. See-Through Matte Tint:

If you are someone who likes a no flashy look then this lip tint is for you. It has a soft, matte finish and a watery, sheer and moisturizing texture which makes your lips appear plump and makes them feel weightless. Worried about the shades? Oh, we have got so many brilliant colours you can select from.



All this being said, we have a lot to offer and you have a lot to select from. So, plan your beauty regime this weekend and get going.