Z! Pro eye Drops New 12ml

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Comfortable feeling ・ Achieves a pleasant refreshing feeling by the formulation design unique to G-Pro ・ Cooling feeling level 8+

● Haze ・ Contains active ingredients that are effective for focus fatigue * ・ Focus fatigue * improvement ingredient Neostigmine methyl sulfate ・ Tired Vitamin supplementation to eyes Vitamin B6, corneal protective ingredient Sodium chondroitin sulfate * Temporarily tired eyes due to overuse of focus adjusting muscles

● "Free angle nozzle" that allows smooth instillation anytime, anywhere !! 

● How to open and close the cap Hold it so that it supports the entire container, and open and close it with the cap facing up. If you hold only the central part of the container to open and close it, the chemical solution may spill out. How to open the cap: Twist the cap toward you. How to close the cap: Push it down until you hear a click.