Desiging eyebrow #04 dark gray

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Show off your eyes with UNNY Eyebrow!

1. Neat And Sophisticated
Featuring a unique, oval tip with light pigmentation that is ideal for outlining and filling your brows.

2. Soft Strokes
Soft touch makes for easy application.

3. Natural Colour
A variety of natural shades to match any hair color or skin tone with flawless precision.

4. Flawless Precision
Light pigmentation that covers natural eyebrows perfectly.

5. Long Lasting
Durable and strong formula that won't break easily and applies smoothly onto brows. 


1. Place the wide, flat part of pencil at the front of brows and draw gently towards the arch. Use the angle of the pencil to outline eyebrows in the shape of choice from the arch to the tip of the brow as it narrows. 

2. Use the spool brush to comb brows and clean up any residue.

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