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Attenir Total Revitalize Mask 6 Sheets (1 Box)

The "total collagenizing mask" contains a "micro collagen complex" in which collagen molecules are minimized to 1/600 of the usual. Because of its extremely small size, collagen penetrates between cells and penetrates deeply into the skin.

"Amino C complex" "super hyaluronic acid" "ceramide DX" "marine mineral" combination, maintain the foundation of the skin that is filled with high quality collagen and refreshed. It is also a big feature that you can intensive care with mask sealed & dense serum. Because the mask works on the skin fatigue with excellent functional components and mechanism, it can instantly rejuvenate firm skin.

100% material using only downy hair taken from natural cotton seeds. So, good quality smooth and gentle touch. Furthermore, in a waffle-like sheet of cotton, the beauty solution is abundantly impregnated into the blight. It fits well to the skin without dripping.

How to Use

At night, after conditioning your skin with lotion, spread the mask and fold the sheet to the outside. Then position the eyes first and place on the face, using the forehead, cheeks, mouth and incisions to make a close contact. Remove the mask after about 5 to 10 minutes. After that, take care of it with milky lotion, gel and cream.

Attenir Total Revitalize Mask 6 Sheets (1 Box)


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