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Product specifications

The Star Shine 1 Day Color Contact Lens is also the first four-color printing and dyeing, upgraded version of PMB preservation solution and the popular color design is for positioning, and is separated from the original color film series products. In terms of packaging specifications, 10 pieces of lightweight packaging are used to meet the needs of consumers

With advanced Bio-Molecule Wrap 3D Technology and FDA approved color additives, Eye Secret ensures you clear and safe vision.
1. No color additives peeling off: with our unique formula and manufacturing methods, the color additives are wrapped by HEMA. This technique ensures the color additives will not leach out and provide wearing comfort.
2. Sophisticated pad orienting machine: Our sophisticated pad printing machine prints patterns in the female mold, so that the color will not contact the eyes directly, ensuring a high level of sharpness and visual accuracy.
3. Smooth surface: we produce our color lens through a filling and thermal process. Compared to the traditional Sandwich method, our lens have a flat surface and will not crack easily.

Diameter : 13.4mm & 13.8mm

Water content : 38%

Base arc : 8.7mm

Luminosity : 0.00, -1.00~-10.00 (-1.00~-6.00 every 0.25 level, -6.00 and above every 0.5 level)

Colour : Blueberry, crystal, Icing, Amber, Matcha, Rose, Almond, Black, Brown, Coco, Gray, Pink.

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