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1, effective acne formula, the effect was significantly

 Japan cyclamens acne cream brand specifically for Asian skin by developed Multiple Formula effective anti-acne formulations, anti-acne effect is remarkable, can effectively remove acne, prevent scar formation, 30 years, has always been of users.

 Acne three steps:

 Surface discharge oil to soften acne ---> to eliminate swelling healing ---> to prevent scarring

 2, paste the design, a small amount of fine

 Inheritance of fine Japanese products, and high efficiency of the Japanese cyclamens card acne cream to use as a carrier of high concentration of cream, just use that can effectively remove acne, prevent scar formation, making the skin smooth and delicate reproduction, even white glow time glory.

 3, uniform standards, safe and reliable

 To ensure the quality of global products, SS Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Japan insist that all cyclamens brand products in Japan, uniform standards of production, making the supply of all products meet world best standards.


 Sulfur 3.0%

Glycyrrhetic Acid 0.3%

Hydrophilic bas (Bentonite)

 Size: 18g

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