Smile Contact Fine Fit 5ml * 2pcs

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[Smile Contact Fine Fit

● Contact lenses If you are using, you may feel discomfort such as ruggedness, foreign matter, and dryness of the lens. This is because the amount of tears is low and it puts a strain on the eyes. With "Smile Contact Fine Fit," a moisturizing film of macromolecules and amino acid components acts between the pupil and the lens by simply applying 1-3 drops directly to the lens when wearing contact lenses. It suppresses foreign matter such as the ruggedness of the lens, makes it easy to install, and realizes a fluffy lens fit. It is an item that makes your daily contact life comfortable. 

● The cushioning action between the lens and the pupil allows the lens to fit the pupil gently. A moderately viscous "moisturizing film" consisting of macromolecules and amino acid components works between the lens and the pupil, softening the lens from hitting the cornea and making it easier to attach the lens. 

● Prevents fogging of the lens. Contains ingredients such as protein that are excellent in preventing lens adsorption.