Rosette Dreaming Balm White Mud Lift Moisture 90g

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Product description

Gentle on the skin and removes firmly. A multifunctional cleansing balm with 5 roles per item that combines firmness care, moisturizing care, keratin care, massage, and makeup remover.
White mud (clay: cleansing ingredient) x several kinds of oil (skin protection ingredient) x enzyme (skin conditioning ingredient) works to make up firmly and to approach the lack of firmness of adults.
A unique cushion balm formula reduces friction on the skin and cleanses the skin into a moisturized, glossy and firm skin.
It can also be used by people with eyelash extensions.
Rose scent.
Paraben-free, phenoxyethanol-free, ethanol-free, synthetic polymer-free, sulfate-free, and synthetic colorant-free.

How to use

Please remove the cap and remove the inner lid at the beginning of use.
With your hands dry, take an appropriate amount (a heaping spoon in a special spoon), spread it over your face, apply it to your makeup, and then rinse thoroughly with water or lukewarm water.
After cleansing, we recommend using a rosette cleanser.

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