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NICHIBAN Roihi Tsuboko was introduced in 1932 and has been one of the best selling Japanese pain relief patches according to the Yahoo Japan Ranking. Unlike standard pain patches which are square, Roihi Tsuboko patches are round, making it easier to apply them to different parts of your body. Roihi Tsuboko warm patches contain Nonylic Acid Amide, which helps improve blood circulation, relieving pain from stiff shoulders, bad back.


Roihi Tsuboko is a small round-shaped heat-type medical patch (plaster) that provides fast relief for shoulder stiffness and lower back pain.

The active ingredient produces a tingling heat stimulation that improves the blood circulation in the affected area, relieving shoulder stiffness and lower back pain.


Stiff shoulders, lower back pain, bruises, sprains, joint pain, muscle pain, muscular fatigue, chilblains, and bone fracture pain.

Directions of Use

1. Gently bend the film so that the edge of a Roihi-Tsuboko Cool plaster lifts up slightly.

2. Pull the lifted part to peel the plaster off the film.

3. Press your shoulder/neck area with your fingers to find out points of stiffness.

4. Attach the plaster.

5. You can apply several plasters for areas that are especially stiff.

6. Wait for a while.

7. You will gradually feel the effects of the cool stimulation. Enjoy the pleasant feeling of the cool plaster directly soothing the stiffness.

8. When the stimulating heat sensation stops, remove the plaster.

Contains 78 plasters


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