PROQUALITE EX Straight Perm for Long Hair

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Proqualite EX Straight Perm Long Hair Styling 

● Made based on research on curly hair Series for curly hair

● Proqualite's "straight prescription for curly hair" ・ First agent Acts on the distortion of curly hair. It breaks the distorted protein binding inside the hair. ・ The second agent is fixed in a straight state. The bond separated by the first agent is fixed in a straight state. 

● With after-treatment ・ Moisture absorption block & hair supple ingredient ※ ・ Hydrolyzed silk (hair moisturizing ingredient) penetrates into the hair. For supple hair that prevents dryness and suppresses the absorption of moisture, making it difficult to spread even on rainy days. ・ By perm, damaged hair that has been hardened to alkalinity is made weakly acidic as it is. 

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