Premium Pressa Golden Jure Mask Collagen 33g x 3

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Premium Pressa Golden Jure Mask Collagen  
● Measures against stiff skin due to dryness 
● Thick beauty essence penetrates into the skin

● Focusing on the moisturizing balance of adult skin Uses a deep jelly-like beauty essence. For moisturized and attractive skin that spreads moisturized 
● The plenty of jelly contained in the sheet softens the skin and delivers it to the stratum corneum! 
● Slight scent of natural herbs (using essential oils) 
● W collagen (moisturizing ingredient) combination 
● Synthetic fragrance-free, synthetic colorant-free, mineral oil-free, alcohol-free, animal-derived ingredients-free, UV absorber-free 
● Patch tested (Patch tested) This does not mean that the skin of all people will not be irritated.) 

[How to use] 
★ How to use 
* Please open the bag after gently rubbing the entire bag with both hands so that the jelly fits on the sheet. 
(1) After applying lotion, take out the mask from the bag, spread it out, and fold it back with the eyes of the sheet facing outward. 
(2) Align the sheet first with the eye position and then with the mouth position, and then fit it to the entire face. 
(3) Align the last folded part with your eyes and bring them into close contact. 
(4) After 20 to 30 minutes, remove the mask and then apply the jelly remaining on your skin.
★ Order of use
・ Face wash → Toner → Mask → Milky lotion, cream, etc. 

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