P&G Ariel Laundry Detergen Power Ball 3D 17pcs

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[Product details of Ariel BIO gel ball body]
● Ariel Bioscience Laundry detergent
● Science * Nature * 1
● Breaking the limit of detergency * 2
● One-shot cleaning without bleach * 3
● Thorough antibacterial * 2
● Mold in the washing tub Prevention
All at average laundry volume (P & G survey).
* 1 Comparison with our conventional products
* 2 Not all bacteria are suppressed from growing.
* 3 According to P & G research. The degree of dirt removal varies depending on the degree of dirt.
* There was a renewal. The package and product name have been changed.
* Depending on the stock status, the previous package may be delivered instead of the posted image. Please note.

[How to use]
★ How to use For
sufficient effect, please use the following method.
(1) Put this product gel ball in the washing tub
(2) Put the laundry later
(3) Start washing!
・ Put it in the bottom of the washing tub. As a result, the film on the outside of the detergent is effectively soluble in water.
-Can be used with both vertical and drum type washing machines.

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