Okuchi Instant Mouth Wash #Cherry 5pcs

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Okuchi Cherry Portable Mouthwash 
● A mouthwash that removes dirt and unpolished residue from the mouth and solidifies and rinses away proteins, which are one of the causes of bad breath.
● I was surprised to see the dirt left in my mouth after gargling.
● Hypoallergenic and non-alcoholic that is easy to put in the mouth. Kyun and sweet and sour cherry scent.
● Easy anywhere! Just rinse for about 20 seconds!
● The 11ml stick type is convenient to carry around, so you can easily use it when you feel like it.

[How to use]
・ Open the seal, put 1 packet (11ml) in your mouth, rinse for about 20 seconds, and then spit it out.
・ It is not necessary to rinse with water after use.
* Please note that the contents may pop out when the package is opened.


Please do not drink or swallow the liquid.

Use the product according to usage and capacity.

If you experience any abnormalities in your mouth or allergies such as rash, asthma, or other symptoms, please stop using them and consult with your doctor.

Please keep out of reach of infants or children.

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