Saborino Sleep Immediately Mask Trip Premium FR21

Limited quantity release 


Limited quantity release 
A sabotage sheet mask after taking a bath The highest peak rich emulsion prescription in the series A sweet premium mask containing cornflowers, which are the beautiful blue of the French national flower. Easy and secure care for troublesome night care with this one piece. Leads to moisturized skin. Sweet fleur scent

How to Use 

1. Open the lid and pull up by holding the edge of the mask. When pulling it up, be careful not to pull it with a strong force. 
2. Spread the mask on your face and stretch it to the left and right to fit it and leave it for 60 seconds. 
3. Remove the mask and complete. Folding it for putting and wiping is also recommended. Once you apply it to your skin, the care before going to bed is complete

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