Mini Eyeshadow Brush [Styling] 1p

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Mini shadow brush for point color that adds color to the eyes

1. Customized brush for all from makeup beginners to artists
From makeup beginners to professional makeup artists!
With the "curve brush" that completes delicate makeup working along skin texture, anyone can easily create a desired makeup look.

2. Non-irritating, gentle premium synthetic brush
The premium brush hair, optimal for applying powder, helps powder-textured products be lightly applied without clumps.

3. Beauty Tool Mini Eyeshadow Brush [Styling]
Length : 118 ± 3 mm
Softly spread styling color eyeshadow on eye areas you want to give point.


Use for applying styling eyeshadow color


[Caution] 1. Do not use on damaged or broken skin. 2. Do not share with others and keep the brush clean for next use. 3. Do not use for any other purposes than applying makeup. 4. Keep out of reach of children.