Mini Eye Shadow Brush [Contouring] 1P

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innisfree Beauty Tool Mini Eye Shadow Brush (Contouring), 1pcs


  • A mini eyeshadow brush for contouring colors that can give shade to the eyes.
  • Mini brush for eye shadow. A mini eyeshadow brush for contouring color that gives a deep look by giving a sense of shade to the eyes.
  • When used with My Eye Shadow [Contouring], you can easily create a subtle shading around the eyes.
  • From beginners to experts. Custom brush for everyone. From beginners with poor makeup to experts who want to make more perfect makeup! Anyone can easily complete the desired makeup with the'grain brush', which delicately completes the makeup along the texture.
  • High-quality synthetic hair without stimulation. High-quality brush bristles optimized for powder application help lightly spread powder-type products without clumping.

[How to Use]

  • Apply contouring color eyeshadow as if blending naturally on the desired area. How to clean the brush: If the brush is contaminated, use an innisfree brush & puff cleanser or neutral detergent in lukewarm water to clean the brush and soak it off. After rinsing thoroughly, use a towel or tissue lightly to remove moisture, dry thoroughly in a shaded area, and use. Let the brush bristles face down or lay them down to dry.

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