Mini Dual Eyebrow Brush 1p

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Mini dual brush that is useful for drawing all kinds of eyebrows
1. Customised brush for all, from makeup beginners to experts
With the "curve brush" applicator, it applies delicate makeup easily on skin. From makeup beginners to professional makeup artists, you can create your desired makeup look!

2. Use with various eyebrow products
The premium-resilient brush hair, optimal for applying powder type or cream type, helps powder-textured or cream-textured products to be applied evenly without clumps.
* Diagonal-shaped brush
* Screw brush

3. Beauty Tool Mini Dual Eyebrow Brush
Length : 99 ± 3 mm
Use diagonal-shaped brush to apply colour on eyebrow along its shape, and then use screw brush to comb and refine brow.


Use for shaping and refining eyebrow texture


[Caution] 1. Do not use on damaged or broken skin. 2. Do not share with others and keep the brush clean for next use. 3. Do not use for any other purposes than applying makeup. 4. Keep out of reach of children.

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