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PONY EFFECT Large Eyeshadow Brush #203

Do you really need another makeup brush? Now you do! Let Pony Effect Magnetic Brushes be the best new addition to your vanity.

Easy, convenient storage: Designed with magnetic ends, these brushes effortlessly stick to the magnetic plate or frame so you can focus on makeup application
Sanitary: Sufficient spacing between each brush keeps germs and makeup debris from transferring between brushes. It also helps preserve the original shape.
Proper care: A thorough cleanse is crucial to keeping your makeup brushes clean and free of damage. Hanging your freshly washed brushes upside down prevents water from damaging the wooden handle or the glue at the base of the brush.

Large and in charge, this wide paddle-shaped shadow brush delivers a consistent, even application of base or eyeshadow colors over the entire lid with a simple sweep. Its soft, natural pony hair bristles are cut to perfectly pick up and deliver uniform pigment, making it the ideal brush for allover base application or shadow coverage on larger areas of the lid. Super versatile and flexible, the brush can also be used for blending or highlighting other areas of the face and can be used with just about any powder-based product for a professional finish.

-Delivers a consistent application
-High quality natural pony hair bristles feel soft to the touch
-Effective in picking up pigment

How to Use

Gently apply appropriate amount of eye shadow using brush. 

Memebox Pony Effect Magnetic Brush Pro [#203 Large Eyeshadow Brush]

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