Long Lasting Tip conceale SPF PA++ #02 NATURAL BEIGE

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UV protection SPF28 PA++ and large pore and blemish coverage

A moisturizing and high-adherence concealer water wrapping system by allowing the fixative polymer to form into a thin film on our skin that ensures better adherence and helps your skin lock in moisture, making your skin look fresh all day long without getting crusty or cakey.

- 01 Light Beige: Recommended for No. 21 foundation users who want to get fresh and bright skin SPF28 PA++
- 02 Natural Beige: Recommended for No. 23 foundation users who want to get a natural and healthy skin SPF28 PA++
- 03 Bright: Perfect for concealing under-eye bags and dark circles SPF30 PA++


How to use

Dab a small amount of the product on problem areas of your skin, and blend it out with your fingertip to look natural and neat.


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