MSH Love Liner x Minions Liquid Eyeliner #Brown

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MSH Love Liner x Minions Liquid Eyeliner

A limited edition of liquid eyeliners with the mischievous and charming Minion design!

  • Designed the best drawing comfort in the history of the Love Liner series.
  • Newly designed balance of "liquid swelling". With a unique delicate brush and adhesive liquid, it is surprisingly smooth.
  • Furthermore, the beauty essence component has been increased to 200% compared to conventional products.

-Since the hair is firm, the ultra-fine hair at the tip is stable and comfortable to draw. In addition, the exquisite weight of aluminum prevents camera shake. 

-Prevents pigmentation with pigment ink. 

・ Moisturizing care for the eyes and under the eyes! 

・ Easy to turn off hot water even though it does not easily bleed