Kobayashi eyebon eye wash ligh blue


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obayashi eyebon eye wash light blue
● Washes away unpleasant causes such as foreign body sensation and itchiness in the eyes due to dust and dirt, and makes it refreshing.
● If you use contact lenses, it is easy for dirt and dust to adhere to the surface of your eyes. Ivon Cool is a cool and refreshing way to wash away dirt and dust from your eyes and prevent eye diseases.
● Metabolism promoting component: Vitamin B6
● Corneal protective component: Sodium chondroitin sulfate
● Antihistamine component: Chlorpheniramine maleate
● Blood circulation promoting component: Vitamin E
● Anti-inflammatory component: Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, ε-aminocaproic acid

Wash your eyes with 5 mL 3-6 times a day

(Notes related to dosage and administration )
1. When using for children, use under the guidance and supervision of parents. so it is
2. it is not used while wearing contact lenses
if you also remounted is eyewash and that opened about 10-15 minutes after
3. eyewash cup it is thoroughly washed with tap water before and after use
4. cloudy Do not use the one that has been used.
5. Use only for eye washing

Blue package is standard (2-3 cool degree)
pink package with Vitamin (4-5 cool degree)
Light blue package is the coolest (5 cool degree)
green package is mild (0 cool degree)


How to use
(1) Put the chemical solution up to the line inside the eye washing cup.
(2) Press the cup against your eyes.
(3) With the cup pressed against your eyes, turn your head back and face upwards so that the liquid does not spill.
(4) Blink several times to wash your eyes.
・ Wash and dry the used cup thoroughly.

Kobayashi Japan Eyebon Eye Wash Liquid 500mlKYOSOAP from JAPAN