Essential smart style shampoo 480ml

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NEW KAO Essential Shampoo series is one of the most selling products in Japan. Wake up every morning and sleep in a certain way to manage messy hair. The function of maintaining the stratum corneum of a hair shape in "Honey Sleep Restraint Technology". Because I woke up in the morning, the hair that was blown at night became messy. It makes you wake up in the morning and your hair is still delicate and not messy. Non-gelatin prescription, light and clean. It has a refreshing floral aroma. Using shampoo and conditioner as a set of effects is better. Men are recommended to use, it will be easier to fall asleep.


Amazon.co.jp: Essential Smart Repair Pump Pair (Shampoo 16.5 fl oz +  Conditioner 16.2 fl oz (480 ml): Beauty

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