Health supplement BMI Internal fat 90 capsules

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1. BMI is more higher, to those who belly fat is a concern Fancl achieve a mechanism to improve the intestinal environment in the "process to protect living bacteria from stomach acid" of its own development.
2. BB536 [B. longum] 100 billion Bifidobacterium [living bifidobacteria were ## Bifidobacterium B-3 [B.breve] 50 billion, blended N- acetylglucosamine.
3. [Notification Display] Bifidobacterium BB536 This product is the living [B.longum], B-3 [B.breve], and because it contains N- acetylglucosamine, and improving the intestinal environment, body weight, body fat There is a function of improving a BMI higher by reducing. BMI is more higher in the overweight, belly fat is suitable for those who are worried.
4. [Functional involvement component / day 4 per grain] bifidobacteria BB536 [B.longum]: 100 billion Bifidobacterium B-3 [B.breve]: 50 billion, N- acetylglucosamine: 238 mg

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