Green Tangerine Vita C Cream 50ml

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Vitality capsules containing vitamin C found in green tangerines that pop to helps reduce dark spots and provide a moisturized finish.

Containing 62% green tangerine, highly concentrated in natural vitamin C vitamins in cream form.

Fresh vitamins from green tangerine revitalize dullness, while panthenol and 7 different plant-derived ingredients soothe and protect skin, leaving you with a dewy and translucent complexion.

REFRESHING VITAMIN C CAPSULES- Full of green tangerine! Transform your skin tone from dull to clear and translucent.

FREE OF 20 HARMFUL INGREDIENTS!- 7 soothing plant-derived ingredients replace 20 harmful ingredients for a safe non-irritant vitamin cream you can trust.

VITAMIN C + E FOR A SYNERGISTIC EFFECT!- Revitalize skin with vitamin C and relieve with vitamin E for a dewy and vibrant finish.


  • Your face is full of dark spots and blemishes.
  • You were worried that vitamin C might sting and irritate the skin.
  • You have a dull skin tone.
  • Your skin needs revitalizing.



  • After applying the Green Tangerine Vita C Spot Serum, gently massage an appropriate amount this product onto skin and allow for full absorption into the skin.