SKIN VAPE PREMIUM Insect Repellent Mist 60ml

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■ Angel's Skin Vape Premium Insect Repellent Spray Mist Type [Fumakilla] 
● Insect repellent ingredient Icaridin is used! 
● Long-lasting insect repellent effect! Icaridin 15%! 
● Because mist type, Mai scattering less suction difficult 
● gentle sodium hyaluronate to the skin (hyaluronic acid Na) blending 

■ Contents 60 ml 

■ component 
active ingredient ... Ikarijin 15% (stock concentration) other components ... ethanol, hyaluronic Na acid (2), purified water, fragrance 

■ Precautions
・ Strictly adhere to the prescribed usage and dosage.
・ Avoid inadvertent use, and use only when necessary, such as when using outdoors where there are many mosquitoes and gnats.
・ For infants, first-time users, and people with sensitive skin, spray a small amount on the inside of the upper arm and check that there are no abnormalities before using. 
-The duration of the repellent effect of this product after one use is approximately 6 to 8 hours.
・ After spraying or applying this product, use this product again as appropriate based on the elapsed time and the sweating of the user during use.
・ When using for children, be careful not to inhale the spray to the child, or apply it to the child after the guardian sprays it on their hands.
・ Do not apply to children's hands (because it may rub or lick the eyes).
・ Avoid contact with food and drink, tableware, toys, feed, pets such as ornamental fish and birds, precious metals, stockings, synthetic fiber clothing, leather products, fur, furniture, painted surfaces, flooring, and plastic products.
・ Be careful not to touch the decorated nails such as manicure and gel nails directly. 
・ Should you observe any abnormalities on your skin, discontinue use immediately. 
・ In addition to exposed skin, spray on footwear or trousers as needed. When spraying on clothes, it may cause stains, wrinkles, etc. depending on the type of fiber, so make sure that there is no effect in an inconspicuous place before using. In addition, wash clothes that use this agent.