Eye Edition Mascara

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A mascara base that makes your eyelashes thicker and darker, the longer you wear them.

It's lightweight so that your eyelashes won't fall, and the smooth base that the mascara that you wear from above sticks tightly has a curl-keeping effect and no lumps.
Curl lasts a long time.
Strong against humidity.
Strong against sweat, sebum, and tears.
A separate comb that does not get lumpy and gives you a quick start from the root.
Focused on combs that penetrate the roots of the eyelashes and are easy to apply to the small parts of the outer corners and inner corners of the eyes.
Strong against moisture, curls last a long time.
An extension that naturally thickens eyelashes.
Since it does not turn white, it can also be used as mascara.
A transparent black liquid that lasts longer and has a volume that increases with the combination of black fiber that naturally blends with the eyelashes, and finishes naturally without becoming white.
Beauty ingredient combination.
Hair treatment (amino acid), hair moisturizing ingredient (hyaluronic acid).

How to use:
After curling the eyelashes with a buhler, apply a comb to the root of the eyelashes and comb the eyelashes as they are toward the tip of the eyelashes.
After that, finish with your mascara.
When removing, use an oily makeup remover such as cleansing oil.
If you use mascara that drops in hot water, let it sit for about a while in hot water at about 40°C before dropping it.
The formula is easy to remove, but if the mascara piled up from above is difficult to remove, it is recommended to use a cleansing solution for the eyes.

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