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Instantly "shiny ball" mist that reaches the bare skin from above makeup

Instantly "shiny balls" and aging care* that reaches the bare skin from above makeup. The fine mist gives plenty of moisture and smooth and even firmness from the top of the make-up, and instantly gives your skin a shiny ball.
The beauty water layer and beauty oil layer mix together to keep the makeup moisturized and moisturized.
A fresh floral scent that creates a bright and refreshing mood.

* Moisture care according to age


●Since it is a 2-layer type, shake the container well before use.
● 15cm away from your face, close your eyes and mouth, and spray on the entire face 2-3 times.
● You can use it anytime during the day, when you feel dry or when applying makeup.

@Cosmetics, LIPS 4 category award

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  • @cosme Best cosmetics award 2020 1st place new best beauty serum
  • @cosme Best Cosmetics Award 2020 @cosme STORE 1st Half New Best Hit Award Skin Care 1st Place
  • @cosme Best cosmetics award 2020 First half new cosmetics 3rd overall
  • LIPS Best Cosmetics 1st Half of 2020 1st place