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Dr. Ci: Labo Body Pink Body Cream~

Darkening of the body is caused mainly by tightening of underwear, irritation by friction, excessive hair loss treatment, etc.

The skin is damaged and the melanin pigment is excessively made. Medicinal whitening that suppresses the formation of melanin.

Active ingredient "Sustained vitamin C derivative" thoroughly care for dull blackness and dullness.

It leads to the original color of the skin. In addition, "Glycyrrhizic acid 2K" extracted from licorice roots reduces the damage received by ultraviolet rays and stimulus, and prevents rough skin and razor losing etc.

Adopted a firm texture so that cream can be made to fit firmly in areas where darkening is anxious.

A pale pink cream has a moist, moisturized feel, but it is not sticky and can be layered on the part you care about.

There is no hindrance even if you wear underwear and clothes immediately.


Usage estimate

1 grain of pearl (when used for both bust tops)

Estimated period of use

About 3 to 4 months (when used only for both bust tops every morning)

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