Disney Mosquito Repellent # CARS

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Seal-type insect repellent containing natural ingredients that insects dislike

Refreshing smell of lemon eucalyptus with Natural Citronellal Oil
The scent lasts for about 12 hours.
What is it?
It is a kind of eucalyptus native to Australia and contains a lot of ingredients that insects dislike, such as citronellal.

It is easy only to put on clothes and things around you
Great for walking, cycling, camping, attending school.
You can use it in various scenes such as walks, park games, fireworks, outdoors, camping and cycling.
35mm wide, 24pcs with 3 different designs.
Safe to use around kids
How to use?
Peel off the seal and stick directly on the clothing (cuffs, collar, hem of pants, hat). Please use 4 to 6 as a guide.
In places with a lot of insects, increase the number of stickers and use.

The scent lasts for about 12 hours. (However, it changes according to the use situation.)
Do not stick directly to the skin.