D program Moist Care Emulsion

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Shiseido D-Program Moist Care Emulsion has a light texture and absorbs without leaving a greasy film on your skin. The result is well-moisturized, soft skin.

The composition of the emulsion is completely natural. It contains only plant extracts and oils, therefore, is suitable even for the very sensitive skin.

The emulsion is a medical beauty product which fights acne, comedones, and other skin inflammations. It effectively removes irritation and redness, activates and significantly accelerates the skin recovery.

Enjoy the smooth skin, beautiful complexion and a pleasant silky texture.

How to use:

Use the product after skin cleansing. Apply it to the face with light, smooth touches.


Shiseido D Program Balance Care Lotion W 1 Light Type 125ml for sale online  | eBay


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