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If you are tired of dry, peeling, irritated skin with cosmetics imperfections you need to try our best skin care product named Shiseido d program Balance Care Lotion. It is a really high-quality remedy that can instantly improve your skin condition. It provides intense moisture for 24 hours of long-lasting hydration, helps to improve the skin complexion and the skin texture. Calms inflammation and prevents acne, redness and other imperfections. Thanks to the licorice extract and hawthorn extract, the lotion normalizes the water balance, removes dirt and has anti-inflammatory properties. The lotion gives you the matte skin. It refreshes, perfectly softens the face. Quickly absorbed and leaves skin with a healthy glow - soft, radiant and renewed.

Choose the cream that is perfect for you:
has a light water-based texture. Recommended for the normal and combination skin;
Does not contain fragrances and silicones


Shiseido D Program Balance Care Lotion W 1 Light Type 125ml for sale online  | eBay

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