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Flow Fushi Ion De Cushion Foundation 20g

Over the past few years the K Beauty star product, cushion foundation, has gone truly gone global, with the likes of French beauty giants Lancome, LÕoreal and Givenchy all launching their own versions. In Japan, Korean beauty trends are also starting to make a big impact. Flow Fushi released the first Japanese cushion foundation- Ion de Cushion.

How to use:
Compete your usual skin care routine, with the last step being a sun care product or a primer. Gently press the puff applicator onto the sponge "cushion" that is soaked in foundation. Use a soft pat pat pat motion with the puff to apply the foundation swiping or dragging the products over the face. Starting applying foundation from the centre of the face and work your way outwards, as the t-zone tends to be the area that needs the most coverage. If any area needs more coverage simply keep gently patting the foundation onto the skin only in these areas, using the puff to blend and ensure even coverage.

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