Clear Turn Premium Royal Gel Mask Collagen 4sheets

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Clear Turn Premium Royal Jelly Mask Collagen  

● A rich beauty essence jelly mask with 6 roles that delivers a higher-grade rich moisture to the skin by blending plenty of beauty ingredients. Even skin that lacks firmness will be fluffy and bouncy. 
● Because it is an all-in-one type, it has a rich sense of moisture. Dried fine wrinkles are also inconspicuous. * Efficacy evaluation tested 
● Easy special care that allows you to complete skin care with just one sheet. The rich jelly penetrates into the skin (horny layer), and the eyes where dry fine wrinkles are worrisome are also plump. 
● A delicate relaxing floral scent. 
● Skin-friendly usability. Weakly acidic, non-colored (synthetic colorant), non-mineral oil, silicon-free, UV adsorbent-free 

How to use
-Please use for clean skin after face washing.
・ If you are concerned about dryness, use a mask and then use a milky lotion or cream to soothe your skin. 
-You can leave it in the bag and float it in a bathtub at about 40 degrees for about 5 minutes to warm it up, or cool it in the refrigerator.
・ You can use it every day according to your skin condition. 
* Due to the characteristics of the product, it is yellowish.