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¥ Hassle-Free easy & Quick Cream at 1 press
No premixing of 2 creams needed. Just press the lever to dispense the colorant and developer at the same time.
¥ Perfect Gray Hair Coverage
Non-drip cream stays on roots and hairline. Special comb brush enables easy application even along difficult hairline and roots.
¥ Natural Shine & Radiant Hair Color
5 illuminating & Nourishing ingredients moisturize and condition hair while coloring to bring out the natural shine of your hair for a smooth color result.
¥ Multiple Applications for Touch-up
The remainder can be kept for the next application.

Content: 40g+40g

How to use: 
1. Dispense the color cream to the brush side. 
_ Press the lever until it stops(below the line). 
_ Distribute the cream while moving the nozzle along the brush.
2. Start application from gray areas and distribute the cream evenly to the entire hair.
_ Apply a sufficient amount of cream from the roots and spread to hair ends by combing gently.
_ Repeat the process in step_ while parting the hair strand by strand until the entire hair is applied with the cream.
_ Once you have finished the application, evenly distribute the cream over you hair.
_ Leave on for 15 minutes.
3. Rinse off the cream.
_ Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water until water runs clear.
_ After shampooing twice, use a conditioner and then dry hair well.

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