Biore UV Barrier Me Mineral Gentle Milk 50ml SPF50 / PA +++

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Product features

Ultra-fine uneven coating film protects against ultraviolet rays (SPF50PA +++) and barriers to the adhesion of fine particles such as pollen (it does not prevent the adhesion of all fine particle stains such as dust, dust, PM2.5, and pollen).
For a smooth skin feel.
A bright milk type.
UV absorber zero prescription.
Moisturizing ingredients (shea butter, petrolatum, BG).
Additive-free (alcohol-free / paraben-free / coloring-free).

How to use
● Since it is a two-layer type, shake it well until it clicks, and then apply an appropriate amount little by little to the skin evenly.
If the amount is small, the sunscreen effect will not be sufficient.
To maintain the effect, reapply frequently after wiping off sweat.
● When removing, wash thoroughly with your usual cleaning agents (face wash, makeup remover, whole body cleaning agent, etc.).
As it is a waterproof type, it may be difficult to remove when stacked.
In that case, soak the cleaning agent in a towel or cosmetic cotton, gently apply it, and wash it gently.

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