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A refreshing facial foam for skin trouble

  1. A refreshing facial foam cleanser for troubled skin

Noncomedogenic, tested to be used safely on skin troubles

*Test results after using three Bija Trouble products (Cleansing Gel, Facial Foam, Skin)

  1. Skin improving benefits of bija oil

Contains Jeju bija oil, which boasts excellent skin improving benefits

  1. Deep cleansing for pores and dead skin cells

Formulated with salicylic acid to exfoliate and clean the pores inside and out

  1. Soft cushiony bubbles

Refreshing cleansing by dense and cloudy bubbles


The refine and foamy lather thoroughly removes pore impurities as it prevents and relieves skin trouble. 

A refreshing facial foam for skin trouble. This refined, foamy lather thoroughly cleanses pores while preventing and relieving skin trouble.

Contains natural ingredients, such as salicyl acid, to remove dead skin cells and treat skin problems.


  1. Bija energy for protecting the skin

Bija that bears precious fruits after enduring for a long time retains excellent natural energy to dramatically improve skin condition.

  1. Beautiful fair trade in Songdang-ri, Jeju

By buying the bijas grown in Songdang-ri, Jeju through fair trade, a new income source is created and contributes to the community.

  1. Citrus green herbal fragrance from Bija Forest of a thousand years

A rich fragrant smell of the forest that produces phytoncides and lavender that allows your soul to breathe and relax!


Squeeze an appropriate amount onto clean hands and create lather.

Smoothly massage over your face and thoroughly rinse with luke warm water afterwards.

Volume : 100ml

Made in Korea

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