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Mineral clay in.
Skin renewal rich moist face wash.
4 in 1 face wash: makeup remover + face wash + dead care + luxury moisturizing.
Specialty keratin care ingredients: AHA (malic acid), fermented rose honey, ceramide AHA.
Gently removes old keratin and prepares skin care-friendly skin.
Moisturizing ingredients: osmotic hyaluronic acid and royal jelly extract.
Moisturizing ingredients penetrate into the skin's stratum corneum and lead to moist and firm skin every time you wash.
Moisturizing ingredients: Mineral clay.
The fine dense foam absorbs dirt firmly, so you can remove dirt without rubbing.


AHA is a component that brings a mild peeling effect with less stress on the skin. It is a naturally derived ingredient extracted from fruits.
It has the effect of softening and removing the old horny skin, so it improves the rough and dullness of the skin and leads to a transparent skin.
It is gentle on the skin than normal peeling.

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