3DEYES Eyelash 07 Flip Fringe 3 pairs

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3D construction with a 3D construction that creates a natural finish that blends with your eyelashes and has deep eyes.

Cozy False Eyelashes

The 3D method makes it more close to your own eyelashes.

2 different curls are randomly incorporated to create a natural finish similar to human eyelashes.

Cozy-based proprietary technology adds a three-dimensional feel to your eyes and makes it more adaptable to your eyelashes.

Cozy False Eyelashes

Eyelid cut for more attractive eyes

Even more, the eyelash is attached to the back of the eyelashes that make each eye more attractive.

Cozy False Eyelashes

Abundant lineup

Available in a wide variety of colors to choose from according to the type of eyelids and the eye you want to be.

9 types for upper and 1 type for lower eyelashes.

【楽天市場】【ネコポス便可】コージー 立体構造のつけまつげ 2TE6309 3D EYES アイラッシュ 09 フロントクロス 3P:ひむか健美堂  楽天市場店

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