4D three-dimensional face mask for kids 10p #Toffee Red


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*Limited to the first-level identification scope of "Medical Clothing (I.4040)" in the classification and grading management method of medical equipment.

• Suitable for big kids/adults with small faces

• Comply with CNS14774, CNS14775 specifications

• 100% designed and manufactured in Taiwan

• Use skin-friendly, soft and comfortable four-layer protection, double-layer melt-blown cloth

• Food grade pigments are safe and secure

• Breathable and not stuffy

• Comfortable high elastic ear loops

In the "epidemic prevention era", masks have become an indispensable necessity in our lives. Because it takes a long time to wear~

The version mother recommends more covering, more three-dimensional, smoother breathing, the new technology "4D three-dimensional mask" is coming!!!

Once you wear it, you can't go back~ Get ready to experience a new and different feeling

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