24k Gold Pulse Facial Massager

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24K Golden Skin Care Anti-Aging Facial Massage Platinum Pulse Roller Beauty Bar

Product Description:
1. Massage head to produce germanium grain,and negative ion to remove facial wrinkles;
2. Daily facial massage, facial cells can be activated;
3. Digeste facial spots and pull the skin tight;
4. Promote the facial blood circulation, eliminate eye pouch;Reduces puffy face, eye bags and skin dullness
5. Restore skin radiance, firmness and elasticity;
6. Portable, compact and waterproof design

In addition, the 24K gold can beautify the skin, all you need is 2 - 3 minutes per day, then you will be able to easily obtain the firm and radiant skin you always dream of! PLUS – IT FEELS GREAT!

So invest in your most visible asset today – 6,000 vibrations per minute to stimulate your face!

Package includes:

*24K Gold Plated Energy Beauty Bar:
Gold Plated Vibrating Facial Massager with a T-Bar Shaped Head
*Nice package: box and carry bag---wonderful gift pack.
*NOTE: AA Battery ( exclude)

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