Skinny Micro Liner #2

1. A delicate and...

1. A delicate and clear eye look completed with a 2mm slim liner! A 2mm thinner pencil than ordinary liners thoroughly fills the gap between lashes to complete an elaborate, sharp eye look. 

2. Soft gel type & vivid color!
The soft texture gives a vivid color formation just with one touch as if drawing with a gel liner.

3. Smudge-free & Long-lasting! Minimizes smudge to make the eyes look clean all day long.
Twist up the pencil a little and draw the lines near the lash line.
*Always recap after use. 
*Do not twist up a lot at once as it is unable to put the product back once it is twisted up.

Innisfree Skinny Microliner – Korean cosmetic shop Malaysia

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